I have been asked to start working with this system to provide some e-learning to undergraduate students taking hospitality courses and I would like to know about other people's experience. Have you used it? Did you like it? Any suggestions?
Thank you

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You can have a hands on moodle experience at a site called www.hiddenguru.com. These guys are designing a social networking based on teaching and getting taught, its interesting its absolutely free and all advanced features are there. I have used it for presentations to my client.
I love using moodle in my business classes. I have a friend who used it in her English classroom. To handle the oral aspect she is using gabcast to pull together vodcasts. Here is her blog where she talks about her experiences. Hope this helps
Well, Moodle is really a good tool to build an e-learning platform. I like it.
I know people who have taken college classes using http://www.elluminate.com/ and enjoyed them. Are you thinking about live classes?
I have started using in my upper level Tech class. But..... I am starting small with forums and small assignments.

I'm teaching grade 5 and have explored the possibility of Moodle with my class. I was turned off by the way moodle looks and navigates (for 10 year olds, this is important!). Also, our tech department is very reluctant to add 3rd party applications and so we were restricted from the true possibilities of Moodle.

Instead, I have been making use of Google Apps for schools (http://www.google.com/a/help/intl/en/edu/index.html) which makes use of Google's tools of gmail, documents, calendar, start page and sites). It is very easy for the kids to use and very effective for a lot of our language learning.



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