I guess I could have tagged this on to the other discussion, but it was getting long and I was losing track of it. Anyway, the long and short of this is, I have 8 Google Wave invites if anyone is interested. Reply with an email address, or add me as a colleague and message me your email if you are interested. First come first served. I only have 8 invites.

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One down, seven to go...
I think there are enough out there now. I have a number undistributed too. There have been a few opportunities to use it since the Classroom 2.0 crowd swarmed Google Wave for a first look. None of them have proceeded much past chatting. That can be done on other platforms with equal or greater ease. I am still waiting for a truly collaborative moment where something useful is collectively created in a wave.
You may be right, but I just thought I would offer, so it still stands for anyone else who wants to try it out.
Two down...six left.
I'm interested. Thanks. I love collaborative tech learning tools.
email me at marnold46234@gmail.com. Thanks!
if there's still a vacancy, i'm interested :)

mariam haleem: mariamhaleem@gmail.com
I just had Google send you an invite--have fun!
i would like to try it if you still have some left. pez4u2eat@gmail.com
Done. I now have 4 more invitations.



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