MOVE IT, Math!

This is absolutely the very best math program ever created!  I do not want this to sound like a television commercial for a miracle product; I am just that excited about it.  I've implemented it in first, fourth and fifth grade, and it works!

Every student deserves the opportunity to love, and to excel in, mathematics!  Every school can raise the motivation of their students, as well as their mathematical understanding, and yes, their test scores!  It is so easy, and so much fun!

I implemented it in my FIRST GRADE class - they loved it!  Here are some things my first graders were doing:

  • addition in the millions,
  • algebra
  • graphing coordinates (all four quadrants!)
  • converting fractions to decimals, and vice versa
  • adding and subtracting mixed fractions
  • determining area and perimeter of irregular polygons
  • determining volume and mass
  • simple probability and statistics
  • working in Base 10 - and many other bases!
  • memorized all their addition and subtraction tables - painlessly!

And a lot more!

This math program is THE way for children to learn, and UNDERSTAND, their math concepts.  They will have loads of fun doing so!  They will have no fear of math!  They will believe they are Einsteins!

Here is a video of some first graders doing the Monster Math - a demonstration at the Texas State Legislature!  

This program requires no textbooks - no expensive equipment.  Math concepts and test scores will soar!  Guaranteed!

I did not invent it.  I found out about it from a parent of one of my first graders - please see more here!

I have located the creator of this program after many years, and we are now offering it to you.  The first (new) MOVE IT, Math! Institute is in Las Vegas on January 28 and 29!

If you would like to discuss starting a pilot program at your school or district please contact Dr. Paul Shoecraft, the developer/creator of MOVE IT, Math!

The research, and some powerful testimonials, are available.

Please share this with your colleagues.  This program is designed for K-8, and is great as a fast remediation for students at any grade level!

Anne Shaw,

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