A recently read a tweet about a teacher who had her students do book reviews as movie trailers.  Has anyone else done anything like this?  If so, any suggestions on movie trailer music to add to the background?

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Hi Marianna!  Thanks for the website! 


Recently, I have used this site and many students loved to work with the music.



This is interesting, I never would have thought of this idea. I like that this gives an alternative to the everyday book reports. This will allow those creative students to really get involved and be excited about reading a book. It can also open up the shy students who are not that outgoing.

Hi Ashley.  Have you ever tried using www.blabberize.com?  It is an AWESOME site.  I use this when our fourth graders do book reviews.  I came across the idea of a book movie trailer and am anxious to get this started.

Blabberize.com looks like a lot of fun and it's pretty funny. I love how the mouths move from the pictures very entertaining. Besides being used for a good laugh I can easily see this being done when doing a biography of a person. The person's picture can be put up and the student can talk as if they are truly that person. I can't wait to use this.

Our fourth graders choose a chapter book to read.  Then, they choose any character in the book that they would like to become.  They write up a short book summary and tell the summary in first person.  In art class, the students draw their characters on an index card.  I help them scan in their characters and upload them to blabberize.  The students are AMAZED when they hear their voice coming out of the character they drew.

How cute! That is a great idea having the students draw their own pictures then scanning them into the computer. I learn something new everyday on the Classroom 2.0.
I have done this by creating movie posters, not trailers.  I am interested in learning about the digital tools used in creating a trailer and the assessments one would use to evaluate the final project.


Hello Nina,

Give this site a try. I work with many special needs students and they have no problem using the site.


I purchase online subscription to Soundzabound music for the whole school. I choose 1 or 2 popular vols for school and home access. Between free sites, and web 2.0 music creators like Jamstudio, that pretty much covers it. I am looking at Apple's Voice Band (app $2.99) for ipod and iphone, and MS Songsmith ($29.95). Both apps you hum or sing words and the it creates the music. Haven't got much feedback yet and don't have Apple products at school. May go ahead an try Songsmith for 1 computer. Thanks for UJAM. Like it but can't get the music to mix with beat of my voice. Will let the kids play. They always figure it out.



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