The Middle School computer teachers are reviewing new keyboarding software to introduce and teach touch type typing skills to 6th grades in a 9 week session. We currently use an OLD version of Microtype from Cengage/Southwestern.
Has anyone researched new software and identified a good program to use that is engaging for 6th graders, provides teacher reports etc. I look foward to your responses.

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I love Type to Learn!! I've been using it with 4th and 5th graders. We also have an online program that we use. I think it's called Custom Typing. They learn it at home online and have quizes in class to assess their skill. When I do Type To Learn in class, I make the students cover the keys with keypad covers so they can't peek at their fingers.
Good luck,
Hi, I have been teaching typing/keyboarding for about 6 years. We use a text book as well as type to learn. The only thing with type to learn that I find is that the kids "cheat" by looking at thier fingers. Once they have the bad habit of the one finger approach, it is very hard to break. Another teacher that I teach with has found this sight that the kids love, it has to do with the accent..british.

Good luck



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