I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Microsoft Mouse Mischief (http://www.microsoft.com/multipoint/mouse-mischief/). I had a classroom response system for awhile and found it cumbersome to set up and use, especially with Powerpoint. MMM looks like a great solution to that and a cheap way to set up any room with a response system.

Before I go out and buy the mice though I'd like to know if anyone has used it and what kind of success (or lack thereof) they've experienced.

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I just started to try out MMM the past week. You may like to read my brief blog entry below.


Joe Stewart has an impressive blog documenting his adventures with MMM. Do check it out too.

Thank you for those links! I tend to get super-excited about any new technology but this one more than any other lately has me incredibly intrigued. I always want more interaction in my class and, as I said, buzzers just didn't do the job for me. I built an Wii-mote whiteboard and never used it as just having one kid at the board didn't seem to be worth it.

This looks powerful and cheap enough to set up. I can't wait to get going!
Thanks for helping him out Kwan! Kevin, if you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to me as well. I'd love to hear your feedback on Mischief after you've started to you use.

Remember, there are 25 Mischief Lesson Plans available for immediate download here.

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Eric, I am looking at MMM for next year as well since our school will be upgrading to Office 2007, but I teach in a lab environment right now, is there a way to utilize the functionality of mouse mischief using the mice that are already networked together?
Awesome Tony! How are your mice currently networked together?
Eric, is there any chance of an update where I could see which clicks were wrong and which were right? I like that I can see who was right first but knowing who was right period would certainly be a big plus.

I'm loving the product so far (even if I'm not happy with the MS Wireless 3000 mice I bought...) but I'm afraid it won't fully replace a response system until I can track who missed what. It will still serve the purpose of keeping things interactive and alive (which, don't get me wrong, are HUGE in any lecture) but as much more I'm not so sure.
The reporting features haven't been developed yet. This is on our radar for future builds though.

Thanks for your feedback! Which templates are you using? Ones downloaded from Office.com or have you created some on your own?
So far I'm just playing with the pre-built templates. I will likely not use them in a classroom setting but given that it is nearly summer I'm just trying to get a feel for the add-in now. I plan on integrating into my existing powerpoint lectures before the start of the school year.

I really am loving the software though. Excellent work.



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