Some of my dreams about a high-tech classroom are given below :

Dream No.1: While teaching a science lesson, in between the discussion, teacher wants to test his students how far they learnt the topic. He administered multiple choice quiz using the control monitor before him, all students got the question and choice answers in the monitor before them. Students selected the answers and teacher immediately could see the performance of students in his monitor. Roll no. wise teacher could on his monitor the quiz results answered by his students. He picked up the students who did poor performance in the quiz and guided them to study further and also enquired whether they have any doubts in the topic.

Dream No.2: Teacher asked a group of students to prepare a paper on a topic. The students in the group have to work both in collobaration and individually. Teacher gave necessary permissions in the control monitor before him and a document was prepared by students using wiki technology stored in the server of the school. The document was modified and drafted by students (with good co-operation of course) and final document was submitted to the teacher for correction.

Dream No. 3: All schools in the State are following one educational portal on Internet to access content for classroom teaching. John was absent for his 6th grade school for 5 days. He checked up over Interent at home what are the lessons he missed and tried to understand by reading the content online. On his next visit to school, John discussed with his teacher and got clarification for some of his doubts in the missed lessons. The content in the educational portal includes video and interactive learning lessons. By law, all schools in the State follow the same portal and thus standard of content is ensured.

I will write my other dreams soon, in the meanwhile, can anybody share their dreams or success stories for the benefit of everybody!

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Yeah, #1 would be sweet!! Hope in the near future this dream will be a reality!!
What about a classroom response system?? This may be just what you are looking for and I know the perfect one. H-ITT, Hyper-Interactive Teaching Technologies. It is a system where each student has a remote (whether they own it, or you have a classroom pack where any student can use it) and the students name is linked to the "clicker" ID number. H-ITT's software, Acquisition, allows you to incorporate your content in virtually any way that you teach. For example, they have a "float on top toolbar mode" where it will float as a small, unobtrusive toolbar on top of ANY window you use to display your content and at ANY point during your lecture, you can click to start a question, ask a verbal question (or show your question within YOUR lecture, using YOUR content), have your students respond using their multi-digit or multiple-choice remote, stop the question, and an immediate, real-time histogram will display your results in percents, fractions... however you'd like to see it. It is automatically saved and through another program, Analyzer, you can individually see each students performance, progress and each answer they chose. The best thing about H-ITT is that it is the least expensive system on the market, the most user friendly and versatile, and will work with how you ALREADY teach and aid in your discussions.
Everything you asked for IS possible!! If you're interested, contact me, ANYTIME and I can get you more information and even set up for a free trial. If you teach K-12, you may get class packs for free with a grant that H-ITT can help you write; or for higher ed, you, the instructor, gets the receiver for free, software is always free, and all you'd have to do is tell the bookstore to order x number of clickers for your students to purchase with their books.

Visit or email me! I can help you! I'm a real user/advocate of this product and just want everyone to know!!
Thank you very much for the information. I visited the and found it very good. Further, I understand that the functionality of teacher monitoring performance of students can be implemented in any network-based application software. If any one used such a software, I will be happy to know.
I see Twitter as something that approaches your dream #1 scenario. The students would follow the teacher's tweets and respond via their own cell phones. I can think of a few other scenarios that do not require internet. Dream scenario #2 has multiple present-day solutions, unless I'm missing something. We have discussions and blog posts on these very topics in our Ning community. Check out our website -



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