Hi everyone,
First of all: I am very happy to find that lots of people are interested in how important the correct use of the internet for education is and will be in future.
As you can read from my topic I have also started to become a part of this movement, by building an educational resource. You can have a look at it at www.Lectr.com .
I called it "The knowledge sharing community" thinking that there must be a way of making information public and free to everybody in the world. The idea came to my head while learning for school ( I am still a student in year 13 which is the last year of german regular school). I often search the internet for helpfull information and mostly ended up on watching useless youtube videos I thought to myself why can't I get someone explaining me what I need to learn instead of how to prank your teacher the best way.
I opened my project to the world shortly before christmas 2008 and now already have a small community sharing their knowledge.
I would like to invite you to join my project and help providing free and good knowledge based videos.
I'd really appreciate every feedback so please tell me what you think of it (also everything you don't like about it;)
Thank you very much,

Tags: Education, Sharing education, e-learning, learning community, video learning

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