I just finished reading Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games to the 6th graders in my gifted ed class. Hunger Games is an outstanding YA book, intense and heavy. There is a sequel (as good or better than the first one) but the characters mature too much for another read aloud so now I'm looking for the next best book!

What I want is a sharp, witty, clever, funny but intriguing book. Right now the only one on my 'short list' is StoryTime by Edward Bloor. Do you know of any other great books that would be a riveting read aloud for my kids.

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The Compund by S.S. Bordeen has been a favorite of my kiddos right now. Also, we have all fallen in love with Gone by Michael Grant.
Thanks Kara, have you read either book aloud? How old are your kids?
You may want to consider "Here There Be Dragons" by James A. Owen. It is not a traditional dragon book. It's full of mythology, history and the most amazing twist at the end. (Want to know how the Loch Ness monster got there? This book tells you - sort of.) My student LOVED it and I am reading the second book to them.
Thanks Nancy, I'll ask you the same question--did you read it aloud? How old are your kids?
Actually I used an audio book. The author is English and his accent wonderfully enhances the story -- plus it gives me an additional discussion point. The kids begged me to not stop. they wanted to do nothing but listen to the story. A couple of kids went out and bought the book (it was only available in hardcover then) so that they could read what happens.

I read it to my 5th grade gifted kids.
Nancy, Sounds like a winner, I'll look into it. Would you be interested in doing a video book chat when we are finished, if we decide to read it? Do you have Skype in your classroom? N
My 10-year old loved Here There Be Dragons..trilogy (Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica). I listed it in my recommended reading for tweens here - http://www.thesmartbean.com/magazine/after-school-enrichment/recomm...
Have you looked at The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series? They seem to be gaining popularity among kids of this age who enjoy fantasy stories. My kids recently read The Alchemyst and The Magician.



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