Need free social networking site for class projects (not facebook or myspace)


Myspace and facebook is blocked by the New York City DOE, ning is no longer free. Does anyone know any free social networking sites educators can use?



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Try Edmodo
Look at Edmodo. You can create a private domain with their service for free. It is very similar to facebook.


Edmodo is a free, secure site for social networking.  It uses the same format as facebook, so it's quite easy to get use to ... the kids pick it right up!  :)


Also, we use weebly blogs.  I like this because I can set the blog to 'approve first' before I post comments. 


Best of luck!  :)


Erin Klein

Here are the three FREE best private social networking sites for classrooms that you will find in my opinion!!  I personally favor Schoology. 









Great responses, everyone! I'm ready to explore these sites.



Edmodo is great. Join the language arts group on there - over a thousand teachers sharing ideas.

The more I use Edmodo, the more I love it -- you can post assignments, and students can turn them in. You can post grades, and there's an internal library that keeps track of every link and document shared in the class.


I wrote a blog entry a while back with some ideas on how to use it in the classroom, and there's also info on using Elgg and Ning for social networking:

 I feel so lucky to have found this website through my technology class at the university I attend.  I am eager to explore Edmodo and see what things the social networking site has to offer.

If you'd like to go the route of setting up your own homegrown social networks (via shared hosting or personal server), I'm a big fan of 


I would try It's free and you can do social networking, virtual classrooms, group projects plus a bunch of other things like blogging, to-do lists, calendars etc.

I think it depends on how old your students are. For younger kids Edmodo is good, but for high school and beyond is better and more practical.

Maybe you can try thinkquest.

Hi check out Edmodo it was just featured in eSchool news... Our District is using it, we are also moving to Google Apps!

I'm very excited to have just published my first book that covers K-12 issues like CIPA blocking. To learn more about why we block what we block, please give my new information security site/book a look, its written for anyone who uses a computer, its based on my job as a K-12 District information security analyst. We all need to learn to be responsible cyber citizens.

I will provide one free copy for the first 10 School Districts that request it from me at

I can't even get it free from the publisher!  I just purchased several copies for my family...





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