NEED Help: Interactive Google Earth project: HELP!! Help Please

A friend of mine is thinking about the following project and needs HELP. See below

I'm thinking really big, as I contemplate setting up a project. I am over reaching, but need to know my limits.

Global project....across countries.
A interactive Google map that traces the movement of disease (Spanish Flu) or diffusion of ideas and goods. I'd set up a framework that starts the track of the flu from Ft. Riley KS, using pinpoints on Google earth, and pop up windows with Glogster.

I'd invite students to use resources on the internet to add more pinpoints with historical documentation posted on a Glogster and then pose a question or two (math and reading strategies) that relate to that prompt. (Based on an idea I saw at the April 30 Webinar from a Discovery Ed. teacher, using frogs from around the world, as the topic.)

Other teachers/students could log in and then follow the trail and do some of the activities. I could get teachers in the local area to help with reliability, either from the Geography Alliances or NCSS, or some history group.

Looking for teachers to be involved.

Can I create a Google earth project that others could access? If I did the first two pinpoints, could other teachers go in, grab that project and add to it?

Could I manage it, is it feasible, worth while? Should I contact Google Earth?

I'm wondering if this is an idea the someone like Discovery Ed. could manage on their website, so other teachers could click in. I know you know those Dis. Ed. people., and they already have an interactive type atlas set up...but not sure if we could use google earth.

I think this could be solid interest based project that teachers could access then add to.

Is this possible, and would I have to set myself or someone up to monitor that is it not abused? Is there a way to password project something like this?

I'm still working on the first slide at Glogster, but need help with it. I've also not used Google earth extensively and could get help for that too.

As you can see, I'm all over the place with ideas.

What do you think?
LouAnn Getz
Manhattan, Kansas

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