My students have been reading Island of the Blue Dolphins.  In the course of reading we brainstormed a list of items that we would take with us to survive on a deserted island. I now have a list of about 40 items and I want them to select their top ten from this list.  I would like them to see all of the options (more or less at one time) and then be able to select their ten.  The top ten answers will form the class's top ten which we will compare to the "professionals" recommended top ten. 


I have used My Vizu, PollDaddy, and Google Forms in the past; however, I am not sure which one will work best in this instance.  Any ideas?  Again, I need it to: allow students to see all of their options as easily as possible, select ten items, and then tabulate the top ten answers. 


Thanks so much!

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Good old Doodle is good for polls.
Have never heard of Doodle - will look into it. Thanks!!!
Checked it out... Looks like I need e-mail addresses - not going to work for this assignment but I will keep it in mind for other projects. Thanks again.

Have a look at - it's currently in invitation only mode, if you want I would be happy to send an invite, just email me at alokjain1 [at] gmail



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