Hi everyone! I am wondering if anyone has a best practice to share in the use of the NEO2 device? We have some for use in Special Education classrooms, and have been struggling to understand the best uses for it. These are the upgraded AlphaSmarts of lore. Does anyone have any real-world examples of how they are being used effectively? Thanks!

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I have one NEO2 that I use with my special ed students.  My students take AR tests, type essays using AlphaWrd Plus and I email to teachers, I use Math Facts in a flash(offline)


This website has lots of resources as well as research.  

Thanks Dorethia!

May I ask, how do decide that a child would benefit from using a Neo2? In other words, is it on their IEP to have this device? Is it a decision you make based on the child's needs? Thanks!



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