For those of you who teach algebra you might be interested in a new site I have built called  This is a free resource that allows students to enter and solve algebraic equations using a nifty equation editor AND show their work step by step.  The student has to do all of the work - the site will give them no help.  Once they are done with the problem they can choose an appropriate graph.  Several problems can be combined into an assignment that can be emailed to the instructor.
ShowTheMath can handle mathematical phrases, equation, and double inequalities.    Both linear and cartesian graphs are included.  And it works on mobile devices.


So why am I posting this here on the forum?  One, to advertise its existence.  I am also looking for feedback from teachers on how to make the site better.  So please take a look and let me know what you think.  And feel free to share this with your fellow math teachers.

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Nice! If you want to make it a little better, I might suggest significantly larger font or a little bit of flash/color.

Good suggestions.  The problem with font size is trying to get it to fit on an iPod touch.  Can't make it too big or it becomes too hard to follow.  

Thanks for checking it out.

Hello Alan,


I just tried out your site. It seems like a great concept, however it is a bit confusing to use.  I wonder if perhaps somewhere you can incorporate instructions or a demo on the front page of the site.  The instructions may include where to input the data and an example of how the process will be accomplished.  I will be glad to share this site with other teachers at my school.  I hope my suggestions help. 

Thanks for taking a look and for the good suggestions.  Often hard to see the UI pitfalls when you yourself are the creator.

I'll look into making a demo page - maybe even a video - to help people get started.  

This is a very neat sight. I like how you can do switch between 1D and 2D graphs. My suggestion would be to add shading to the 2D inequalities graphs, and to add directions but it sounds like you already have been given this suggestion. I can't wait to implement it in my class, we are working on inequalities right now.



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