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I am currently about to begin my second practice teaching semester (it is how the system work in Canada). I am looking for good online resources related to warm-up games for high school students. I have looked around with several search engines and have had little success. If anyone can suggest some good warm-up games or websites please let me know! They can be tag games, strategy games, or anything that fits into secondary physical education. Thanks!


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Hello Josh,
I'm Russ; also a Physical Educator from Northeast Pennsylvania in the U.S. I just started a local University online course related to web 2.0 and am trying to compile a Personal Learning Network. If you find resources, please share. Thanks.
Thanks a lot for all the wonderful resources Cheska. I hope with some extra help from my cooperating teacher I will have plenty of things to keep students entertained for the next five weeks. Ulitmate Frisbee starts tomorrow, hopefully it works out! Thanks again.

Yay for Ultimate Frisbee! :) You are very welcome, Joshua! Watch out for those runaway frisbees LOL



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