Hello Classroom 2.0 colleagues and friends. I am in need of your expertise and assistance. I have been asked to write a grant for funding of a school-wide wireless system. Initially, we plan to use the wireless with our iPod Touch carts only. I wrote a grant year before last for iPods but we were not allowed to connect to the internet with them. This year we are rolling out more iPods and wireless technology (hopefully). I need objectives and 21st century skills for the use of wireless internet w/the ipods. Immediately I think of the apps Google Earth and Discovery Channel but I would love your advice and opinions on 21st century terminology (wording) for the objectives and outcomes of school-wide wireless access. Thanks in advance!

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Technical as well as pedagogical. The grant app has areas for objectives/outcomes of the funding as well as equipment/cost etc. Any advice is appreciated.
20 iPods per cart. Eventually, yes we are looking to add computers. The wireless laptop carts we have do access internal resources so yes we will be needing that capability.
How about simply being up to date technology wise? I think about 65% of the US has internet access. There is no reason that schools--the center of education not have the same access. :)
We have wired access just not wireless. We currently don't allow teachers or students to blog or social network in any manner (although the tides are changing). I envision students being able to collaborate via the internet but I need you guys to back me up on that. What objective/outcomes are your students achieving through the use of wireless technology.
What grant are you writing for? Wireless just makes sense. Would not the objectives be very similar as technology is just a toll used to address existing objectives in different ways.



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