Does anyone know of a good website where we can upload a survey, have people take the survey on line, then have the responses tallied for free?  

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I used Survey Monkey last year for my end-of-year surveys in class. It worked well but you're limited to 100 people per survey and only 10 questions for the free version.

Have you thought about using Google Forms? You can create a survey and embed it on a webpage. The answers are automatically loaded into an Excel-type spreadsheet. I used it this year in class. You can set up either multiple-choice or short answer questions. Pretty cool!
I haven't tried the google forms before this sounds like something we may want to use. I'll look for it at google docs. I'm not good at using excel. Do I have to program the spreadsheet for it to tally?
Thank you all. I will report to my committee. Our accreditation is up for renewal so we probably will have several surveys going out.
Are you asking for a tool that does surveys specifically or do you also need to do quizzes?

If it's the latter as well, give Zoho Challenge a try. It'll be the right choice for your online quizzes.

have you tried survey monkey?
Thanks for the suggestion. No I haven't tried it but I did go to their website. I wasn't sure how reliable they were and if they really were free.
I just went to google docs, selected a template and edited the template for our use. Looks like we can either post the survey on line or e-mail the survey. When people respond to the e-mail and submit their responses, it should tally the responses. WOW! Thanks for the help! I'm anxious to try it out.
It is free and easy. I use it for feeback from our parents and community, plus an end of the block survey of my students for feedback for me about the class.
Thank you Jody.
I now have several ideas on what I can use the next time I need to create a survey.



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