My school is introducing 'one note" and skydrive... Microsoft products. This is the "school's" first go at collaborative stuff.  Prior to this individual teachers have been using bing, and pbworks and possibly other wikis.


Has anyone given away using wikis in the classroom, to take up one note?

What are the plusses and minuses?


many thanks.


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Edith, what level are we talking about? High School?

Ours is an R - 12 school and some of us are being tutored in it, while it seems the focus will be middle school. I have been using pb works for collaboration with kids ...and I am the only one in our junior school doing this. I can see that one note has some features that the wiki doesn't have, I am wondering whether it is worth " moving" over. I know the kids will transition....most of them easily. But I am wondering how people who have used both for a while with classes feel. I have a colleague who has paid for a ning and uses that with his year 8, 9, 10's. ihe'd appreciate knowing how those wh have used both feel. Thanks.

I'm not in the classroom anymore, but the reason I asked about the level is because at upper levels, you should be concerned not only with how PBworks/OneNote/Wikis handle text, but how they handle math(s) as well. Out of these three, it's easiest with OneNote.



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