Hi everyone,

In a couple of weeks, I will be presentng a panel on online academic misconduct (beyond cheating and plagiarism) and I was wondering the following:

Do you have a policy regarding disciplinary action toward online students who disrupt class?

What have you done to address disruptive behavior (e.g. inappropriate posts, rants in discussions, student vs student issues) in the online class?

How do you "remove" a disruptive online student from your class? Have you ever had to do so?

As I am researching this topic, I find that many places apply the f2f classroom management policies to the online classroom, but this scenario may not always work.

I would be interested in learning what others are doing to address this issue.

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Your topic is very interesting... I'm a newbie here as well as in E-learning.
I am also curious about this topic.. I hope someone will share their experiences and the rules in online academic misconduct if such rules exists.

@Mary Hricko.. Good luck on your survey and presentation..
I am about to put something together for my students as we hope to do some 'closed door' blogging with Weebly soon. I am drafting an acceptable use contract for them to sign, and their parents. I know I have the ability to freeze or delete accounts, so that will likely be in there somewhere...



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