I have used Moodle for the last 2-3 years and would like to transition to using more web2.0 tools in the classroom. I've looked at lots of options in the last month and I'm not totally convinced that a blog would work for my purposes. It would provide the content freedom, but would not provide the structure of assignments and due dates. Any suggestions or ideas?

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I use and love both edmodo and schoology...both free. I use schoology with grades 7 and 8 and edmodo with grades 5 and 6. Both programs have lots of options ...you can use a couple features or get totally immersed. The kids love having an online place to share, store, find and ask for information. If you have questions about either-I'd be glad to help.

This is a blind recommendation, but Course Sites  (powered by Blackboard) is free up to five sites...not sure about the tool incorporation aspect just yet.  Your post actually made me look for something.  Thanks, Susan, for those recommendations as I did not recall hearing about Schoology.

I have not used moodle but from what I have read they seem simliar. Go to http://blog.schoology.com/page/2/. There are some good overview videos....look at several pages for the whole variety of topics. http://blog.schoology.com/2012/07/webinar-wednesday-moodle-blackboa.... Has info on moodle integration.

Thanks for the input. This looks promising and they just posted a video discussing the integration of moodle and schoology.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm investigating this possibility as well.



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