I'm looking for ideas for an online lesson plan storage site. I have used schoolnotes for a number of years but they are changing formats. I am looking for a place with a template in place.

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Here is one that I have considered trying but haven't delved into it. It looks like something you might be interested in. . .

Hi I realize I gave you the incorrect name of the site.

It should be StandardsToolbox.com
www.oncoursesystems.com - We use their lesson planner. It is very easy and flexible.
I don't know if you would be interested in this at all, but I use Planbook. It's not a web-based application, but you can publish your lesson plans to any server. I think it's one of the best software programs I have found.
I am the founder of sharedschool.com, an online lesson plan management tool that uses a correlation engine to enable teachers to discover others' content simply by searching their local standards. We are still in our alpha release and the site needs content - but if you do an advanced search (http://sharedschool.com/advancesearch.php) for Massachusetts>5th grade>Math>Number Sense>->5.N.12, you'll see some correlated content from Indiana. This is just an example of how, working together, we can save teachers time and money. There is a 90 second video on the site but let me know if you want a demo too.
Have you looked at BetterLesson? I tried the beta last spring, and they have some nice tools for lesson planning.

I've used Engrade and Edu 2.0 both are easy to use and student/parent friendly!

They also have online gradebooks!



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