I am building a presentation on how teachers can use social networks to create a PLN. Please share how you use social networks as part of an online PLN.

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What is a PLN?
I want to set up a PLN at my own school, using ning, since I have found Classroom 2.0 so helpful. I like that I can post questions and get answers from other teachers dealing with the same problems I am. I like that I can get emails that keep me updated about other people's new discussions and comments. But I would say my PLN extends to the blogs I read, the listservs I receive, the teachers I email, the people I'm taking online classes with. (I don't use RSS any more - such a hassle getting it to work that I scrapped working with it. Email is way more reliable.)

I don't use Facebook or Twitter and don't see these getting any traction in my school - low teacher interest except among the younger faculty. I can get them interested in Delicious. Unfortunately, blogs, Facebook, ning, delicious are all blocked at my school. The teacher has to ask, individually, to have specific websites unblocked. It isn't even a decision in our admin - it's made by the vendor, comsifter, who blocks access. I guess the thinking is "social networking" is bad so anything that sounds like a social network has to be blocked. Some educating to be done here...
Merle, I believe it stands for Professional Learning Networks...
Sorry - Marta is correct - PLN stands for Professional Learning Network.
Actually, I'm going to go back on what I said because I think in this context, PLN stands for "Personal Learning Networks." As Sue Waters from The Edublogger puts it... "Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) are all about using web tools such as blogs, wiki, twitter, facebook to create connects with others which extend our learning, increases our reflection while enabling us to learn together as part of a global community. PLNs increase our opportunities to ask questions and receive help compared to our normal daily face-to-face interactions."
Although I´m not using it now (it's not being released until the end of the year), I suspect that my PLN will be mainly driven by Google Wave. Others are talking about it as well.
What are the most promising features about Google Wave Benjamin? How ill it come in handy in managing a PLN?
Great to see others are also creating their PLNs. I started mine by joining this Classroom 2.0 Ning. Its a great way to meet, share and collaborate with colleagues and peers. I have since joined Twitter and also love the instant sharing there, with excellent ideas and resources discussed and shared on a daily basis. Talk about your 24/7School in session. :-))
My next goal, will be to create a wiki and blog, which is earmaked for this coming school year. I am still learning, but the curve is ascending now. Once, I have harnessed the daily checking habit for all these communication tools, then i sit back and re-evaluate my PLN and see what the next step will be. With technology and learning comes change and new knowledge.



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