I'd like to know of a good free online photo storage site, not for sharing photos, but just a safe way of saving many photos of students for a yearbook project. We can put them on an external drive, but we'd like an offsite storage mechanism for extra safety. Are there any issues here about special privacy concerns since they are student photos? Which sites are recommended?

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I use www.adrive.com for online storage. Hope that helps!
Thanks Jill, I checked out the site and they offer 50gb free storage. That might help us out.
Most free solutions are limited to around 2GB. If that's ok I recommend Dropbox.

It's not a photo solution just a general backup app.
I'll take a look at Dropbox as well, thanks Ben.
Actually Dropbox does have a little bit of photo-specific functionality.

Check out my most recent blog post here about dropbox!

I would recommend https://spideroak.com I work with them and they also have a 50% off educational discount for anyone using an .edu address or code 'education' when signing up.



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