I'd like to ditch my paper planning book. Do you use software you can recommend or a planning book online?

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I started using word this year. I just make a table and color coat it. I can then copy and paste it to Angel. Here is an example.
I love this simple solution! Thanks for the idea and the example.
Before I became an administrator I tried using a free download from Palm.com. I haven't checked their website recently but I am sure you can find the software. Their calendar software had a lot of nifty tools that I was using. For instance, you can set for certain times an action. I loved it because it worked very well. You don't have to own a Palm pilot.

I hope this helps.

Evan Panagiotopoulos
One of my colleagues uses the google calendar which works really well for him, as it is fully serachable and you can actually print off the pages later its really quite a good way to do it!
I'm a huge fan of Planbook. It's a free program made by Mac. http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/22918/planbook
I thought you said it was free. It looks like it costs $30 to get more than 20 lessons on it.
I just use iCal that comes with my Mac for free. It works quite well.

I created these templates in Excel. I just set up and merge the cells every 30, 60 or 90 minute blocks. The students names are in the center to record absences, homework or marks. Music and silent reading blocks are written in so that you don't have to write them over and over. Hope this helps.
I am using Google Calendar as I can embed it in my blog so students can see what we are doing and I only have to type it up once... You can check out it out here: Mr. Lane's Computer Applications/Web 2.0 Blog under the page Lesson Plans.
Some of my teachers use google docs and then just share their lesson plans with me. They have made their own templates using google docs or Google spreadsheet.
Google calendar is what I use for day-to-day planning. Long term planning is simply done in word docs.
Google docs also has a template for a syllabus and one for a lesson plan... I really like the simple lesson plan it is under templates/ students and teachers Then just scroll down until you see what you like.



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