I have taken this quiz, but I CAN'T REMEMBER WHERE IT IS. Spent HOURS today looking for it-maybe that explains the whole thing. Anyway...I know someone has to know what I am talking about and can direct me to the web page. One of the questions is about the largest sturcture maed of legos-
I want to use it with my students. It has a cartoon figure, I think, and asks like four questions-you look for the answers-then receive your results and time. Thanks!

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You are describing a Yacapaca quiz like this one, but I can't find the specific one you are after. Do you know which course or curriculum it would be filed under?
Thank you for trying. I am going to use that safety quiz. The one I am talking about is one I had to take in a number of courses I have been taking on 21st Century Skills/Technology. It may have come from Cybersmart. I am still trying to find it. Thanks for your help.
Glad it was of some use, even if not the one you were looking for. Lots more here, if interested.
Yes-I am checking that out. Will be of use. Thanks.



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