Hi everyone! I was wondering if any of the tech gurus out there had a recommendation for a site for online test taking. I would like to make my test taking AND grading completely paperless. There are a bunch of options to get my tests onto the laptops for students, but none that I could find that allow the grading to be done online as well. All require a printout of the results to be handed back to the students, which defeats the purpose of going paperless. I would love for the students to be able to take the test online, for me to grade it online, and then for the students to see how they did online. Anyone know of anything that fits this bill? Thanks in advance!

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Would you be able to grade exams online with google docs/forms? And then let students log on to see their grade?
I have used a program called ExamView. The problem with this is you need web space to post the page to, but the nice thing about this is it will grade the work for you if it is true/false or multiple choice. If it is short answer or essay, Examview will email you the student answers.
I love Examview, but there is no way to grade a test online and allow students to view the results without printing them. Am I incorrect?
If you make it a review sheet, they can review the results, but then it doesnt' email those results to you.
Our district has a district license for StarQuiz. It allows for Web-based tests or you can give it in a lab setting using the teacher laptop as the server. Results are compiled in one file on your computer, which is quite handy. Well worth taking a look at.

Sounds great, but I have one question. How do students see how they did on the test? Say they take the test on a Monday and I want to "give back" and review the test with my students on Tuesday, how do I do that?! Is there a way for the students to log back in and see their test with their right and wrong responses, as if they took a paper test? Thanks in advance!
Yes, in the result file that is created once a test is given, there is a tab called Share. It posts the test back online for students to see how they did. If you go into the fine details of the program, you can give each student in each class a user name and log in which allows for more security when it comes to sharing the results back out to the web.
Check out Quickieq.com - You will be pleased with the ability to have students answer in all types of ways. It grades everything but essay. You can use it with anything that has web. You can open and close the test at will. Share tests with other teachers so you can have a bank of questions.

And best of all the guy who designed it is a teacher so he understands your needs and takes suggestions all the time. Go try it out. He lets you have an account with 5 responders to try it out and if you like it you pay $21 per year to use it.
Oh forgot to tell you is also works on iPod Touches & iPhones.

Hope this helps. Send me an email it you need any help with using it.
Moodle can do all of that. Moodle is more than a quiz tool thought. It is a whole course management system with a quiz tool merely being one of many tools built in to it. There are free Moodle hosts out there that I have heard about if you want to go at it with a course that is fully run by you outside of your district. Many districts have installed Moodle on their server(s). My son works in our local school's tech department and they installed Moodle about three weeks ago at the request of a few teachers that wanted to try it out.

If you would like to see a Moodle in general and a Moodle quiz from construction to grading, to grade book, let me know.
I vote for Google Docs' cool forms feature. Forms allows users to create, edit, and manage online questionnaire forms, which can be text, paragraph, multiple choice, or other standard response forms. There are even design templates to help stylize and finish off the form. Data is then gathered in an easy to read and sort spread sheet. Pretty cool.

But to be honest... I've just now discovered this. But for all it's worth though, I'll be testing it out tomorrow with students. Wish me luck...
I use two systems: Edmodo and Moodle. Edmodo lets me post assignment files that students can access from school or home. They often edit these to complete an activity then turn finished assignments in to me on Edmodo, which has a great system for seeing who has turned in work or not. You can grade assignments right in Edmodo and can leave comments for students as well as a grade. And its free.

I use Moodle for practice tests that are set to allow students multiple trials at the questions and for summative tests at the end of units. It can take some time to create the quiz questions, especially with strange formatting like in chemistry, but once the questions are in your course you can reuse them indefinitely. And its free.

Zoho Challenge could be that exact tool you're looking for: http://challenge.zoho.com



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