Hi everyone! I was wondering if any of the tech gurus out there had a recommendation for a site for online test taking. I would like to make my test taking AND grading completely paperless. There are a bunch of options to get my tests onto the laptops for students, but none that I could find that allow the grading to be done online as well. All require a printout of the results to be handed back to the students, which defeats the purpose of going paperless. I would love for the students to be able to take the test online, for me to grade it online, and then for the students to see how they did online. Anyone know of anything that fits this bill? Thanks in advance!

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Using forms on Google Docs may be an option for you. I'm beginning to experiment with it a bit right now, but I see potential for it as a testing option.
Here is what I have done with examples and how to video using Google Docs.


Link is dead.
I use google documents- forms and create my own tests. The responses are placed on a spreadsheet for easy grading.
How do you prevent students from gaining access to the internet to prevent cheating?
Where there's a test, there's a way to cheat. The idea is to entice students to do their best, honest work. this Forms on Google Docs thing might help do that. It seems to be a cool, efficient way to create online forms for students to view and answer questions. If cheat prevention is an issue, one might consider the time stamp feature, which enters a response time and date. I imagine teachers can arrange group sittings to answer the forms. The time allotted would then be marked. Any responses before or after would be void. No?
Weeks ago I have a presentation in class and my topic is about online assessment. The tool I introduce to my classmates is called Script-O (http://www.readingmatrix.com/quizmaker/index.php). on this website you can upload your tests no matter it is text or sound file, because I have used this site to test the listening skill of my classmates. You can edit the test there and add some improvement suggestion below.

Hope this one will do some help.
I use http://www.wiziq.com for routine quizzes and some in-class tests. You can grade on line. I have used Google Docs which is convenient for organizing longer answers but wiziq handles that just fine. I do not use these if security is much of an issue or if the stakes are high. Frankly, it does not appear that I get a lot of cheating--you can see how long a student takes to complete the test and patterns of wrong answers usually emerge.

Moodle has a good quiz function if you use that. It allows you to upload from some formats.

Most of the systems allow you to give feedback for right and wrong answers which is good.

I did a free trial for questia.com but did not find a lot of advantages over wiziq which is free. I would love to hear about other tools as well.
Quia costs 50USD for a yearly subscription and works well. It blocks student access to the internet while the test is on. I am sure some tech whizzes could get past their block but.... with supervision, I have had no trouble with cheating. It has a time limit option and double passwords to their info and to the test. I haven't tried others yet.
Nothing that costs, please. Not in Classroom 2.0. :-)
Nothing real new to add but I will echo using Google docs because all you have to do is to scan each column for incorrect answers. Moodle will allow you to quiz AND correct the answers but you have to pre-populate the correct anwers which can be time consuming.

Google Forms are also useful with rubrics as well.



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