I've seen and read about schools who have swtiched from being PC to MAC.  I've heard many technology administrators say that overall the MAC has fewer maintence issues and are generally more reliable. But, I am curious to know if there are schools who prefer the PC over the MAC and why? 

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My district is all Mac in the elementary and was all pc in the high school. Three years ago each of the three high schools got 2 mac carts to share among the 6 Classrooms For The Future teachers. The district is expanding the CFF program by adding 2 carts and 9 more teachers in each of the 3 high schools. The district is also planning to replace more and more PCs when they are due for replacement with Macs. One of the reasons is due to maintenance and performance.

I am at a completely MAC school and wouldn't have it any other way. There are many reasons for this - firstly whilst the various models of mac vary slightly, essentially they are all the same, meaning to fix them if things go wrong is so much simpler. I am no technician but have taught myself how to sort most issues with the mac.  I also LOVE the programmes that mac come with.

I have had to try to put a few PC's on our wireless network and they are a night mare, each one different depending what software it is running!
I am a firm believer that once you go MAC you will never go back!

Macs are the way to go. The extra expense in purchase will move than balance out in maintenance.


Plug any printer into a Mac and you'll print within minutes.  A PC?  Make sure you have the right drivers.  If not, download, or find the printer disc and install.... Just a simple example of the time sink a PC can be.


Student Macs, a Mac server, Apple Remote Desktop, that's all you need.  You'll be able to administer a pretty robust network with very little technical knowledge.



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