I'll be leading a session after school today for the teachers at my school on tips for building their own personal learning networks. We are a grade 5-8 middle school in central New Jersey, and the teachers coming are mostly language arts and social studies teachers.

I'd love to get some tips from all of you on ideas for them to try, or just positive messages of support for the newbies.


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Instead of the usual Blogs, wikis etc.....If i were a beginner, I woudl prefer the new "project" centered options as aPLN, like:

Learnist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PgIkbMVC1do

Themeefy: http://themeefy.com/getStarted

I also like MightyBell...but it is not running yet....

Maybe offer options....

Suggest: Do you prefer a collections of bookmarks? (delicious)

Do you prefer a collection of articles? (scoopit or paperli)

Do you prefer a collection of ideas? (evernote, livebinder)

Do you prefer a collection of videos? (youtube Education)

Do you prefer a collection of images? (pinterest)

Do you prefer a collection of posts? (Blogs)

Do you prefer a collection of permanent posts (wikis)

Anyway...I would like choices......and if I were new...I would want to know that there are options....

These are just the first things off my head, you woudl need to be mre specific for your staff needs....

OH- And remember to promote a continuum (with any of the formats) if they are using it in a student/leanring context to demonstrate continuuity over the grades.....



I'm actually in a course that is currently teaching us about the whole PLN thing. I had no idea that this was so big....and surprisingly, it seems that I was doing the whole PLN thing without even knowing it (or knowing what it was).


Nevertheless, i still consider myself somewhat of a "newby" according to you. I've joined a couple communities but have not contributed to much of the blogs and forums associated with them. Now that I have a more precise understanding of the whole Personal Learning Network (the concept and examples of it), thanks to the course that I'm currently completing, I'm all over these communities, posting away.


I really look forward to networking and sharing information, experiences, suggestions and the like with so many experts in the field.



Justin Z.

Hello again...

I would also suggest this brand new book by Anya Kamenetz


It is the first book ever sponsored by the Gates Foundation....




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