Recently in my masters of Education class we have been discussion the use of cell phones in the classroom for an educational purpose. I wanted to know what are some opinions out there regarding this topic? If you are for the use of cell phones what are some of the positive / effective ways they are used?

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cell phones does belong in the classroom as it enhance learning but just have to find way of how to incorporate in the classroom

I am completely against cell phones in the classroom. They can only serve as a distraction and am not sure how they would be advantageous. The temptation to text or play games would be too strong for some students to overcome, meaning they are not paying attention. There is also nothing more annoying than being in the middle of class and having a phone go off because someone did not silence their phone.
Wow. My Masters work is dismissed in one short post. There goes 12 months of research and consulting experts around the world. (sarcasm intended)
Bill, I understand your frustration with phones going off in the classroom, but you need to find ways to deal with something that is just not going to go away. I've seen some great ideas posted right here on this Ning network. I encourage you to search through the site and you may find something really helpful.
I think the use of cell phones could be quite positive in the classroom. Adjusting the rules to include something of importance to the students can boost the morale of the student body. I have seen cell phones used in the classroom the use of polls. Students text in their answers and the data is shown on a graph for the entire class to see.
At first I didnt get how a cellphone can be useful for educational purpose, but it can be used in alot of way. for example, like podcasting and video storytelling.

cell phones is the powerful tool to use in the classroom as it enhance education. cell phones can be used to record assignment, find definition from dictionaries and for class polls.



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