I was looking for ideas and/or collaborations for Pi Day this year. I teach 9th grade Geometry Honors. I was thinking of having the students create a wiki or something any ideas of long term projects?

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Hi Elizabeth-- My last 3 blog posts have been about this with the latest being a project idea I worked on this morning in response to your question. Hope it sparks some dialogue. -SueH
Hi, There are scads of things to do of course!!
I usually have them make pie (extra credit) for us to enjoy while working on a project from Archimedes, or the Babylonians.
Archimedes used inscribed and circumscribed polygons to approximate the value of the circumference of the circle, and from there to the value of pi . . . Nothing more than basic trig ratios, and the formula for the circumference of a circle is required.
The Babylonians got really close to "squaring the circle" with a circle of diameter 9 having nearly the same area as a square of side length 8 . . . so to create a visual of that, or to play around with 64 chips to see if they can arrange them neatly into a circle with diameter 9.
I can find my worksheets if you are interested . . . ?
Thanks for the question since I need to be thinking about it myself, as I also teach Honors Geometry.
Try this website it has some very creative ideas great for any grade level.



If you're into webquests try this site


Have a Happy Pi Day !O!
Thank you! The mathgoodies site looks great! I appreciate any help making the class interesting!
Here's a great activity for calculating Pi by throwing frozen hot dogs! Definitely something I would be doing with my students if I was still in the classroom.

How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Food



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