I am presently teaching a control technology course to middle school students. I utilize the Lego Mindstorms RCX Robotic Invention System for the design and major project. The provincial curriculum requires, as a component of the control technology course, some treatment of pneumatics and hydraulics. I currently use hydraulic and pneumatics kits consisting of syringes of various volumes and rubber tubing. Students learn the mechanics of hydraulics and pneumatics and then engage in the construction of a pneumatically controlled robotic arm. The students really enjoy this activity and learn quite a bit about the mechnics of a pneumatic system. However when we move on to the Lego Mindstorms robotic design, there new found knowledge regarding pneumatics goes by the wayside. It seems that the Lego robotics kits would lend themselves well to pneumatic components. Are there pneumatic add ons which can be purchased to use with the Lego Mindstorms RCX. Integration of the two topics would no doubt lead to greater learning potential for my students.

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Confused? Did you use the Mindstorms and move to NXT? NXT has a pneumatics lift and someone designed a compressor. Would that help?
Thanks Nancy,
Are the NXT pneumatics compatible with Mindstorms RCX?

What is RCX, you mean the brick? I'm confused about what you used when you did hydraulics and what you are using now. I'd called Pitsco and ask them.
Yes the "nxt" pneumatics components are compatable with RCX (actually they were designed for RCX) You can purchase everything except the pressure tank at





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