Hi, I've been teaching ESL in universities and privately for years. The number one question that my students ask me is "How can I improve my spoken English" or something like that. I'm sure any ESL teacher knows what I'm talking about.

The truth is that without the right environment it is really hard for students to learn to speak fluent English. It is annoying to keep hearing that same question, but it must be 100 times more annoying for those poor students who don't know what to do.

I got super frustrated with this situation and my brother and I bought some imported microphones and started podcasting. We did a dialog and talk show type of program for the past few years and got over 4 million downloads of our show and a lot of fans. In the beginning we were just doing it for our own classes but it spread a lot more than we thought it would, especially since we didn't really promote it and we are terrible web designers.

Anyway, more and more students have Ipods, MP3 players, or computers and this trend will continue. I know it can be hard to always come up with good lesson plans for each class. We have done the work for you and your students over the past few years. Each of our shows comes with a PDF of the dialog and about a 12 minute audio show. There are over 100 lessons. We get our dialogs from real life and some ideas from popular movies and TV that the kids like. It's not a corporate feel and we're trying to have fun teaching the language. We teach the way the language is really spoken. We'll talk about insults and stuff that is in real life and not just in textbooks.

I read the advertising policy on this site and I respect this site a lot. I've learned a lot from many of you. We're upgrading the program and it is 47 dollars. (It cost us a lot to produce) It will help you a lot in your classroom and if it doesn't we'll refund your money no questions asked. We're just a couple of guys trying to help teachers with ideas for the classroom and help students really learn. The site looks terrible but as I said I am not a good designer and I focus more on the product. If you want to check it out go to speak fluent english

I recommend doing one lesson per week and really talking about it. It is easy to fill a 90 minute class with each lesson. All the lessons build on each other. By the end of the program your students will be able to watch Prison Break, Friends, Lost, and pretty much any show without subtitles in their own language.

Usually we try to sell this program to students directly, but since this site has been such a big help for me, I'm ok if you use it in your classroom. Your students will thank you for it.
Let me know what you think too. Sorry if anything appears spammy. I don't know how to change the colors on the words on the site. Haha.

The students should have a basic level of English.  This is for intermediate to advanced ESL students.  If your students are total beginners I'm afraid it won't help at all. 

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