I recently learned about podcasting in my Technology for Education class and thought it sounded like a great was for teachers to present information to students. I like that podcasting allows students to access recorded information outside of class and that they are very portable for students. I can imagine students who experience long commutes listening to podcaster information in the car or bus, allowing them to make better use of their time. Does anyone have any success stories about how they have used podcasting in their classroom? Has anyone run into any major difficulties with podcasting? Does anyone have ideas for using podcasting with students as an assignment?

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I am not actually a teacher yet, but I have read things and heard things about podcasting. I think it a great thing for teachers to use in their classrooms. Here is a link to an article about using podcasting in the classroom. You can read it and get some ideas.


I remember using podcasting in my speech class. The project was to make a radio broadcast, and to make sure that there was no dead air. I liked the fact that even though it was just our voices we were able to put in our personalities and make the project the way we wanted. I have also used it in a college class of mine informing others of the history of a certain topic in the class and liking that I could use my podcast as well as my classmates for studying materials. I liked that it was something that me as the student could understand. I think that podcasting is most definitely appropriate for classrooms.



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