My work as a teacher took a major left turn (actually, it was really a right turn) a few years ago as a I learned about the potential of web 2.0, collaboration and the future of learning.  Since then, the biggest change has been about my view of education and how my students learn.  As a Science teacher, I have struggled a bit with my past (lecture teaching a fairly set curriculum) and my future (more dynamic curriculum and active role for students).  One major part of this has been my push to incorporate inquiry learning in my classes.  

Somewhere along the way I came across POGIL or Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning. This is my first year using the system in my Chemistry class.  So far so good.

Basically, the students are given packets that contain Models.  Models can be drawings, tables of data etc.  The students are asked a series of questions that begin with some direct information gathering and progress to making connections and developing understanding of concepts.  Only at the end are they introduced to terms associated with the concept.

So far, it has been pretty successful for me and, more importantly my students.

I was wondering if there are any other POGIL teachers here. it would be great to connect with folks who are going through or have gone through the learning curve on this style of teaching.

If you are a POGIL teacher or are interested in POGIL, I'd love to hear from you.


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