How would you deal with a post 16 learner who has arrived late for your class, then lacks motivation to get involved with the tasks set? What would you say? How would you approach the learner without disrupting other learners?
Please comment and let me know your suggestions, many thanks

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My suggestion with this would be act as you normally would do, ask how they're doing, encourage them to participate, asking their opinion and for their ideas of what ever it is they need to do, I wouldn't keep pushing, but acknowledge that you've noticed something may be wrong and for them to do what they can, but do deal with it on a one to one basis.

Find a time where you can speak to them on their own, if there isn't an opportunity within class to have a quiet word then ask them to stay for a few minutes after class, you would want to speak to them about the lateness anyway, so it wouldn't seem unusual. They could be issues which need to be addressed and on their own they may feel more free to talk.
Hi Melissa,

I agree with Andrea. Try and have a discrete conversation with the student involved - it could be a simple problem that is easily resolved. With regards motivation, I try to find out why my students signed up for the course in the first place and remind them of their own goal. In my case, students usually need to achieve a maths qualification in order to start a new course or get a promotion at work. This usually helps with motivation, especially if a pay rise could be the result of the students hard work! Setting targets (using an Individual Learning Plan) can help the student to take small steps towards their ultimate goal. This usually helps keep the student on track!
Hi Melissa, can you speak to them privately after class to find out if there Is an underlying problem ?

First is their a tardy policy at your school? If there is you might want to make sure they follow that prior to letting them in.

I say this only because that later becomes part of the one to one. After your class is working, walk over to the student and ask if you can see them (right outside your door) I often refer to this as 'my office'.

I would begin by acknowledging that you noticed that they are often late, yet they come and you are happy to see that they do come.Is everything alright with them? with their home life?

What would it take , what kind of support can I offer for you to get to class on time?

Now the class is doing ______________________(repeat assignment) do you need any help?  you can come see me. (when)________ or I can help jump start it now (If that's possible)

If the student responds in the negative  they do not need help they are okay , then transition into the fact coming to class and not participating guarantees them a F. Make-up (if you do make-up) is only for students who are sick or other unusual circumstance. Let them know that you really don't want to fail any student. "So please let me know how I can help"

Go find out what their current academic status is they may be failing academically and just feel hopeless. If this is it, refer if you feel more comfortable. If you are up to it help them discover options. What is their passion? (If they could do anything what would that be? (They do not have to know) What do they do in their free time? Refer to counselor or appropriate person. Good luck and thank you for caring enough to ask. Together we can make a difference.



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