I'm looking for a simple way to post audio files for students. Many of my students are on dial up connections at home and can't get the files that I inserted into Dreamweaver pages on a page on my class blog ( http://mswift.edublogs.org/student-work/ ). At my school they play nicely. At the kids' homes, they're getting messages that they have to download the file, which takes a LONG time on dial up. I was thinking I could use Gcast or drop.io. I've never used either one and really don't want to spend much more time on this. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I'm not ready for podcasting yet, but hope to get there some day. It has already taken hours, but I don't want the kids to miss the opportunity to share at home or with relatives. I used audacity, but just saved the recordings as .wav files.

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Re-encode the files as mp3s, that will cut the file size down immensely.

Also, this probably won't help but if you use wikispaces it is very easy to embed sound files so they stream and don't have to be downloaded.
Thanks Al and Kev. Both of you have been very helpful. I'm going to try a combination of the ideas to finish my project this time and you've both given me lots to think about for next time.



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