I want to begin posting grade level homework online so that parents can be aware of what is assigned. I was wondering how some of you have accomplished this? Do you use blogs, websites, or something else. Thanks.

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I use edublogs.org for my website and class blogsite. Our school just started using PowerSchool to post grades and assignments, and so far, we love it!
You can set up your class on Parentella as well. This will allow parents to participate in the group and ask questions if they have any.

I use Weebly.com for my class blog, www.mrwylie.com and for my personal blog, www.educationtechnology.com.

I think blogs are fine for posting homework to parents. You could just throw it in with your other blog posts, but a dedicated homework page may be best.
www.edu20.org is the best site I've found. Teachers have a lot of control in there and you can create parent accounts as well.
We also use Edublogs for our daily homework site. Easy to use.
And it archives our daily work for the entire year. Parents love it.
I think we may move to Powerschool in the future, so I am interested in what Barbara wrote about using that to good success.
I use Google Calendar which is embedded into my blog as a page.
I used wordpress.com in the past. Now, I used Edmodo.com (also free). LOVE it! Super easy.
I'm also using edublogs.org. I really like it so far. My district just purchased a campus subscription to it and are working on getting the student blog creation fixed up for our use. I think I am going to just have the kids do all of their typing on their blogs once they are created and they won't have to upload any files. But if someone finds a good file share program to use with edublogs, I would love to try it out.
http://www.edu20.org is free, web hosted, and includes support for setting a wide variety of assignments (including quizzes, projects, freeform essays, discussions, etc.) with an integrated grade book, support for lesson plans, integrated resources (videos, audio, images, ...) You also get your own custom school URL, home page, ability to manage parent/student/parent/admin accounts, create classes, chat, wikis, secure class blogging. The video on the site home page is a good place to learn more.




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