What is really the diferrence between pragmatics and semantics? i gues its all just about "mean".

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Hi Evelyn,

Oh dear, the semantics of the English language, if that is what you 'mean'?

If I were to use poetic licence, the two concepts may be considered interchangeable.

Literally, however, the two words have totally different meanings.

I just had the thought that perhaps you may be thinking of 'pedantics' rather than 'semantics'?

Pragmatics and pedantics are similar in meaning.  Semantics is literally the study of the meaning of words.

I hope I haven't misunderstood your question?





Hi Sandra,
Thank you so much for your help. yes i meant to say '' i gues it's all about meaning", not "mean" as was written by me. i had further study on it and i now understand semantics as the study of meaning of words as you rightly said, while pragmatics is the study of the speakers utterance and intended meaning, and the receiver's perception of what is said by the speaker.
i love this study daily as i try to make meaning out of words.



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