I have to present to my school board in a few weeks and am trying to come up with some new and innovative presenation approach. I have to discuss my program and all the previous programs that have presented have used PPT. I want something different and creative. However, I am struggling to think of a different way to grab their interest. Please help with any ideas or suggestions. I was thinking an online magazine, but not sure about this.

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A quick, easy, small learning curve solution would be either Keynote (Apple's version of PowerPoint), a Google doc/presentation/site or a wiki.

I say Keynote first since it basically works like PowerPoint so learning it will be easy. What is different is the ability to save out your presentation as a Flash movie, a Quicktime movie, or even a Powerpoint. That way you can offer a "PPT" file for attendees to download, but at the same time you could post your presentation as a movie to a website for viewing after the event.

Using Google docs would allow you to publish to the web a public, editable file. You could lay out the base of your presentation but also offer the link and allow the school board to make comments and edits in real time as the presentation/discussion happens (this is assuming of course that the School Board will have computers available to them during your presentation). This is a way to literally get the audience engaged in your presentation.

A wiki is similar to the Google Apps idea. Using a site like Wikispaces.com you can create a free page, post links, photos, videos, etc. You could create a Keynote presentation with basic info, save it as a Flash movie, post it to your wiki and add additional resource links, files, etc. And since it's a wiki you could, if you so desired, give editing access to the school board so they can post their own resources, links, or thoughts about your information.

If it was me I'd merge all 3 ideas. I'd create the basics of my presentation in Keynote and make it a Flash movie. I'd post it to a simple wiki with links to resources, related material, citations, etc. I'd also include a basic Google Doc within it that the School Board could add to with their own ideas. That way you give the "traditional" presentation but also make available a permanent space related to the presentation that others can collaborate on.

Just some thoughts, hope I didn't ramble too much...
These are some great ideas. What a great concept of merging several documents into a platform like a wiki. Thanks for the suggestions. I have Keynote and never thought to use that and save as a Flash. I appreciate the ideas. This helps and for some reason I never thought to use these platforms when I use them all the time in my classroom.
Powerful web 2.0 tool for non-linear presentations.

I have to agree with Michelle. I use Prezi for all of my presentations and love it. There is a learning curve but it is worth the time.

You can also create a Vuvox collage at Vuvox.com.

Also, if you are preparing a big presentation, I highly recommend you go here: http://www.ted.com/pages/530 and watch the video "Transform Your Presentation into a Visual Story". It totally changed how I present!

I agree! I use this when I present at workshops and conferences. My audience doesn't get tired or listless!
I would second Michelle's use of prezi. It has a larger learning curve, but truly creates a professional and engaging presentation. I think of it as a concept map on steriods.
Good suggestions on here.
Keep in mind that you are talking about one or both of two elements:
1. Changing the tool you are using
2. Changing the WAY you are presenting. For instance, Prezi is still very linear with the way most people use it. It just doesn't advance in the same way. But if you are still using bullet after bullet, then you're not gaining.
I agree with you. I want the presentation to be more interactive, but when it all comes down to it, we have to provide them with facts about our program. I was hoping to avoid bullets. I am begun construction of a wiki where they can add questions, feedback, concerns, etc. while we present and then have pages available of kids in actions, resources, and a copy of the presentation. I have also used Keynote, but am tring to construction slides with little to no words so my presentation is more of a discussion. Not sure if that all makes sense.
Try adding good teaching strategies to your presentation. We are expected to engage our students why not extend the same to our audience. Try adding Think-Pair-Share activities or reflection breaks.
You might want to consider cooliris (can be used as a plugin for Chrome and Firefox). Use images as your base, then use cooliris to manipulate and move in your presentation.
Thanks for the idea. I have never heard of this. So many great ideas being suggested. Thanks to everyone who has provided me with much food for thought.
You could try using one of the following presentation software programs:

Windows Movie Maker
Photo Story 3
Camtasia Studio 5

or create a digital poster using Glogster EDU

Good luck!



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