Has anyone ever worked with a Prezi presentation before?  I was recently introduced to it in a college course I am taking, but am still not very familiar with how it can be used as a teaching tool or a learning tool for students.  It seemed a little complicated to me, but if anyone has any ideas on how it could be beneficial in the classroom, I would love to hear them!

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It is not too bad once you get going and certainly different than Power Point. Have students play with it and in no time they will find how powerful it is. Go for it!
Prezi is very easy to use. My students usually use it for their presentation.
It's a fun alternative to slideshows  for students - they can embed their prezis in wikis or blogs.  Also great for presenting "big idea" of a concept to students in a visual way.
Prezi is engaging. You may wish to look at the slideshow "13 interesting ways to use Prezi in the Classroom."

Prezi is great -- I think it's easier than PowerPoint for a first-time user. Students figure it out extremely quickly, plus there are a ton of tutorial videos on the site if they need help. It's a wonderful tool to teach students how to make engaging presentations. (Many organizations, including mine, have moved away from PowerPoint in favor of Prezi, so it's good to train students on it.)

Also, it's a great tool for teachers or students to demonstrate:

  • relationships within a larger system
  • timelines
  • non-linear networks (i.e., food chains)
  • graphic organizers

Good luck!


Katy Scott

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It is a great tool and easy to use!  I recently used Prezi for a presentation in my Grad class. 



You should look at some of the sample Prezis on the site.  It's amazing what you can do and how much more interesting a presentation can be.  In a formal setting Prezi is probably not the best choice but in a classroom it can stir interest in what may be otherwise be a dull topic.  Once you get familiar with the the program controls it's not so confusing and you'll see the reaction from students who have become numb to PP.

I embedded a prezi in my web 2.0 goes to school wiki.  Take a look at web20goestoschool.pbworks.com  I showed it to my 5th grade class - and a student pulled together prezi on codes and ciphers.  He loved it.  Let me know what you think!



Thanks for the great links and ideas!


FYI, although the text of your URLs is correct, when I click on the links, I'm taken to your Outlook e-mail account. (I can't get in -- it just asks me to login.)

Thanks Katy

I will try to repost them :)



My students and I enjoy using Prezi in the classroom. I have attached two examples for you.

One is a Prezi based on a student's experiment presentation. 

My students and I enjoy using Prezi in the classroom. I have attached two examples for you.

One is a Prezi based on a student's experiment presentation. 



 Every morning a different student produces a Wordle of the day for the class to guess. 

One student always uses Prezi, here is an example.




Might take a bit for pics to load :)





I agree, its not that difficult once you sit there and start playing with it. At first yes it does seem a bit over whelming but once you get the hang of the rotations of the different items I found that it was pretty simple and a GREAT alternative to a power point presentation. Its just something that is new and not everyone is used to so its an attention grabber making your presentations more fun and interactive. I also like the fact that you can make a sort of storybook or games. It doesn't have to be strictly used as a powerpoint.

The first time I used Prezi I felt a little overwhelmed, but after working with it for a while and playing around with it I began to feel comfortable using it.  Also, I can see how extremely helpful Prezi can be in the classroom. Prezi is much more fun and interactive for both the teacher and the students.



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