I am interested in members' projects with students. What have your favorites been? Please share yours and spread some inspiration!

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I have been taking an independent study to develop PBL tasks for Algebra 2 students. 

I have completed 4 PBL lesson plans. 


Please check out my wikispace. I hope you find my lesson plans useful in some way. 



My favorite project was an integrated studies unit organized around "The Christmas Schooner", a musical based on the story of the first Christmas tree ship to bring trees across Lake Michigan. In English, students read the story of the first ship, in history the students acted as Dramaturgs for a local production of the musical. In building trades we had students building a scale model of the original ship for a stage production and in math they studied vectoring and dead reckoning, navigation skills requiring mathematics. In medical studies students did medical models of illnesses around the turn of the century. We arranged for opening night at the theatre to be a fundraiser for the CTE department. In marketing students planned the event, in culinary arts students planned the catering menu for the night. The project took involvement from multiple departments and multiple classes and when all was said and done the breadth and depth of their knowledge about turn of the century Chicago was proof that the project worked.



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