The projector I have is a few years old. I'm thinking maybe 2006 or older. We just got new laptops and they don't seem to be very compatible. I've been told that the laptops are widescreened, but I don't really see a difference between it and the old one.

When my computer is projecting, it changes my screen resolution so that it is blurry and big and gives me a headache, but looks great on the wall. When I change it to 1280X1024 so that I can see on my machine, it gives me a widescreen image on the projected wall that limits the students' view.

Has anyone else had this problem?
Is there a fix?

I know this is an IT question, but after hearing their initial condescending response to a colleague, I'd rather present a solution when they tell me that it can't be done.

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If your laptop will allow it you can set your resolution to something non-widescreen such as 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 and see if that does you any good. My laptops have always been "smart" enough to downscale to fit the projector's resolution automatically but maybe yours needs to be done by hand.

Play around in your display options, it should be able to be done.
That would be my guess too. Your projector can probably not display a widescreen image - I know that ours also do not, (4:3 aspect ratio only). My macbook automatically adjusts to the projector resolution. It makes my laptop image stretched, (and a bit blurry like you said) but it looks fine on the screen, and for me, that is all that matters. Maybe try positioning your laptop so that you use the projected image to navigate your application, instead of your laptop screen. That way you wont have to look at your stretched laptop screen image. Get a cordless mouse, or better still, something like this, and then you are free to present from anywhere in the classroom!



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