Question about Teaching with 2.0 tools that are in a foreign language.

Hi there, I was wondering how you teach with tools that are in a foreign language. The problem I'm running in to again and again is that almost all teaching media are in english (I teach Science in the Netherlands). My pupils can't read or speak english that well, so everytime I want to show a short movie I translate it beforehand and put the subtitles in the movie. The problem with this is that its really time consuming. There are probably a couple of teachers here who ran into this very problem themselfs. I wonder how you teach with technology that's in a foreign language.


Do you put subtitles in all your movies (like me)? Do you jus play the move and translate it in front of class while paussing the movie?

Wat do you do with lesson activities? Do you have any tips are advise for me.



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