Good afternoon, colleagues. I'm currently working with Dr. K. Seo at the University of Cincinnati on a book chapter focused on use of online social media (OSM)  such as Twitter, blogs, wikis, etc., as an aspect of classroom study. I'm currently looking for  teachers in grades 9-12 from various disciplines to share their insights regarding their planning process, motivations and concerns.

The questions below would be our focus:

1.      What is your usual lesson planning process? 
2.      Does integration of computer technology alter your planning process? How?
3.      Have you previously used or planned to use any Web 2.0 tools? For what reason?
4.      Have you ever used online social media (OSM) to supplement a lesson? Which tools?
5.      Where did OSM fit into your lesson planning (Prior knowledge activation? Formative? Summative? Other?)
6.      What aspects of your students do you consider in planning for technology use? Gender, technical ability, 
        access, etc.?
7.      What aspects of your students do you consider in planning for OSM use? Gender, technical ability, 
        access, etc.?
8.      Why do you feel some teachers resist use of computer technology / OSM? 
9.      What do you feel is the benefit of using OSM in the classroom? 
10.     What challenges or limitations do you see in planning for using of OSM?
11.     How would you address these challenges?
12.     What might you suggest for another teacher in planning for OSM use?

Please respond if yo have time.  I would appreciate your insights into classroom application of OSM.

-Tom Highley

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Hi Tom,


I might be able to help you out. Oak Hills (west side of Cincinnati) is in the process of moving much of what we do to the "cloud" and, at some point, cover many of your questions.  We've a number of teachers who run many components of their classes online (mainly with Moodle/Google Apps...but also a smattering of "other"). We recently presented at Ohio's eTech if you'd like to get some ideas: You can also find my contact information there.


Hey Zach! Thanks for your feedback. I'll be sure to check out the eTech site. Question: any chance you might be available next week for a F2F interview on the topic? I would be happy to meet you at Oak Hills at your convenience. Would only take about half an hour.. Let me know.



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