Often times i find that making a test or a quiz is one of the most difficult tasks. I am trying to find a software that makes it 1. easy 2. more interactive for the student 3. and def. easy to grade for me. I came across one such software called Articulate Quizmaker 09 -- its really awesome and does TONS of stuff. (http://www.articulate.com/products/studio.php) however, it cost over 1300.00. Is there any other software or alternative that anyone out there has come up with?

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I do believe ExamView has the option to publish your test online, and then it will send your answers to you via e-mail... I have yet to use in that way, but I did publish a test in pdf format to send to a tutor to help a kid outside of school.
I'm a big fan of Quia myself

Lot's of games and activities
Inserting audio and images in quizes
randomizing questions and answers
security with quizzes (student, moniter passwords, and quiz availability options)
question bank
decent gradebook

I wish there was a little more functionality on the times quizzes are available. You can set a quiz to be available from like 10:00 to 10:50 during a certain date range, but you can't set a quiz to be available from 10:00 to 10:50 during a certain date range except for weekends (This is where the monitor password comes in).

I haven't officially started using this with my students. I'm a K-6 computer lab instuctor and my assessments are informal (not on the report card). However, we have the Technology Meap coming in Michigan in 2012 and I want to move to a formal grading system anyways......so I'm just getting everything ready now. I've also figured out how I can use the quiz maker as a rubric so I can assess projects as I curculate the room. With 20+ sections and nearly 600 kids I want this to be as automated as possible.
My problem with Quia is that they own whatever content you have created and you can lose access to it if you let your subscription expire. I have not been satisfied with the free and open source quiz makers that run on my Mac or Linux, but I am still looking.

solrobots has QuizPress for $50 and I'm pretty happy with it.

I am working with a fellow who has created some web based learning games and quizzes that are a little rough around the edges and not so easy to use. I'm trying to help smooth the edges and make them easier to use.

I now have made the secure tests easier to use and there is a super cool and super easy way to make self-scoring practice tests. SEE: http://mynichecomputing.org/NOnline_Test_Bldg_Kit7/autoTest.htm
Well, Articulate Quizmaker is really a great tool. There are also some free Quiz tools, such as Qedoc Quiz Maker, it is a FREE teaching tool for making interactive lessons & quizzes and test preparation.

Alternatively, QuizCreator is a powerful yet cost-effective quiz maker that you can create Flash online exam, quiz, test and survey. It combines interactivity and multimedia to engage learners through the learning process and offers flexible results tracking and score reporting. Now, it is only $ 79.95 (original: $129.95) for the back to school season.

Also, the Rapid eLearning Suite (PPT2Flash + QuizCreator) is a perfect teaching tools for teachers to kick off the new school year and integrate high tech with your classroom to make learning more interesting and convenient. The Academic price: $199.95 (original:$ 329.95).

Hope these could help you.

Best wishes.
There is a lot of potential in all the apps and sites everyone has shared. But i think the common problem for all teachers is who i actually going to fork out 200.00 for software?

2nd - who is going to have students register with a certain service and then take the quiz/test. Although i think that is a good choice for say high schools but for middle school students it should be the following:

1. Just flash based scene where the student inputs his/her name along with their email
2. having the quiz be timed
3. the student gets to see the final grade but like google forms the data in saved somewhere accessed only by the teacher.

Articulate does a great job in this, but the problem is ..its nearly 200 bucks ...

Would you as educators be inclined to buy software for say 30 - 50 that does all the following plus more?
I use Quizstar....It is a resonable price and I feel that it is a good program.
I like Quiz creator too. I tried the trial version and it is worth to play with it. My students liked it and it was a great practice tool.The only feature I was not stified with was fill in the blank.Also I disliked how the audio files were instantly played when opened the questions. The fill in the blank option looked more advanced in Quiz press. But when I tried it in the trial version it cut of my words I entered and reported it as incorrect answer.
I really don't think that any educator need to or should pay for quiz making software. I think for pedagogy, the important thing is the simplicity and so the process doesn't cause interference with the learning and content understanding.

With that in mind, I'd suggest Andrew Field's simple - Fling the Teacher. He was a history teacher but his Fling the Teacher generator is marvelous and kids can pick up how to make the questions/quiz in seconds. Go to my software page to download or search for it. Students try to "Fling the Teacher" by answering 15 questions right. They get 3 helpers along the way....

Cheers, thanks for all the great ideas here - many I've used myself too!

One of our teachers is using quizlet but only as a review. I definitely interested in checking out all the other options here.
I also like Articulate, :-) it is amazing. If you only want to create quiz, you could purchase its quizmaker ($699). Frankly, I didn't buy it because of its high price.
I am now using QuizCreator ($99 for academic users), it has the similar feature with Articulate, you could incorporate images, sound narrations and Flash animations to enrich your quiz, it supplied 9 question types and math symbols.
I like the most is its free online reporting system (QMS), built-in feature of QuizCreator, I can easily track, analyze and report quiz results through the without any hassles.



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