Raising standards through after school supplementary ICT project based learning

I would like to offer/ reflect on what I have used and witnessed over the last 8 years implementing ICT (as well as Maths and Science) programmes for primary / elementary school kids.

Our attitude in ICT club has been to harness the best and latest out there in terms of Web 2.0 and the growing range of fantastic free apps (Squeak, Scratch etc)... it is development intensive, but the results are stellar. The key has been to design projects use the activities to spark and draw on their interest areas (real world, meaningful) and natural curiosity for inquiry and creativity. We have seen students from a range of abilities and learning styles all respond extremely well and achieve at high standards.

Our K-6 project areas include:
- Future TV
- My City
- Fantasy World
- Art Gallery
- Medieval Adventure
- Crime Scene Detective
- Zoo/ Theme Park Manager
- Save the Planet
- more projects in development

Results have been spectacular for both girls and boys in terms of increased self-motivation and teachers reporting clear and consistent exhibition of advanced skills across a range of learning contexts.

We use an inclusive approach but would be interested in understanding expereince of others who run similar programmes with specilised groups of: at risk kids, special needs kids or gifted/ talented kids.

We run TLC Kids programmes which are now being offered in UK, USA, India and Australia. Community site www.mytlckids.ning.com

I welcome your feedback.

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Hi Geoff,

I really respect what you are doing for stuents giving them an after school program where they can strive. I especially like how you are doing projects that the children are interested in. I can imagine that that alone would get great results. I feel like too many times in the education world teachers force their students into doing activites that mean nothing to them. In order to truly get to a child you have to get the child interested in what you are doing. I can respect that aspect of your program and feel all educators should follow that method.



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