I have nine invitations left for Google Wave that I am giving out to anyone who posts a creative use for Wave on my blog. Post quick, I'm handing out the invitations on Friday, October 22, 2009!

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Wow, this would be great. I teach at a Bible College and would be interested in exploring Wave with my students as a test for collaboration and classroom communication. Our college has caught up to the "1980s" I am trying to bring my classes into Web 3.0. I would appreciate receiving one of your invitations. Thank you for your generosity.
I do not want an invite, but maybe you are interested to know that in my computer science class, I have invited all my students. We are building a new wave gadget. It really has the kids hooked, it is fun, real world, and we'll see how it goes: wave gadget post

keep us posted on what you do with wave.

also, we use wave to build the specs for the project and collaborate on the coding.
I have 10 computers in my classroom and I have students in my middle school Science classes work in teams of two and three. Students do research, work on projects, blog, and create podcasts. I am planning to make gmail accounts for each computer and I thought using wave could take us to the next level. With wave we could have some classroom discussions online so that my quieter, shy students could find their voice. Currently, when we plan or create rubrics either I am at the smartboard writing, typing from my laptop or invite students to come up and write their ideas one at a time. With wave we could plan and create rubrics all together live! I'm sure the kids will come up with other ideas but I would love to get started in creating collaborative projects. Once we're done planning we have a document ready to go! So yes, I would love an invite. Thanks.
i just wanna test is out, seems amazing. ive had gmail since the first week it came out, and i love all google products. waiting for an invite to google wave is torture!
Hi, I am a content developer for K-6. I see technology as an equalizer enabling teachers to truly differentiate instruction. I would like to experiment with Google wave to develop practical applications within a school environment for delivery of, and response to, instruction. I have just started tweeting current events riddles. example:

In the beginning I am synonymous with upright and gallant.
I am seen by some to be round in the middle.
You may think I am won but I am not.

I'd love to be able to send out a wave and then chart the students' responses so that all responders could see. I see google wave enabling me to reach more students and get a more immediate response. I see it as away to link students around the world using questions they can all answer. Students can then see how students around the world attack the same problem.
How cool would it be to tell my students that we have the opportunity to be on the breakthrough of technology? I am always looking for ways to engage my students in the classroom, not only through traditional literacy, but helping to make them "digital learners". Personally, I think I would leave the creativity aspect up to my students - each one of the 95 kids that I teach is creative; all in unique ways. I would hate to say "I'm going to use Google Wave just for this..." , when I know that the students in my class will be amazing with the ideas that they come up with.
Thanks for considering.

I would be very keen to explore the use of Google Wave to improve communications betweens parents and schools, especially with the use of robots and gadgets. A Google Wave invite would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, I teach Japanese language and culture to middle school students. I have started a conversation with another teacher about collaborating with classrooms around the world in sharing personal stories about WW2. The idea is to get the perspectives of what the war was like in Germany, Japan, England, France, Italy, etc . We are hoping to have our students gather information, research, photos, oral histories, etc.
We are presently imagining a wiki for planning and a collaborative website with pages devoted to different countries, and the students using different tools to tell and share the stories. I think the Google Wave would be perfect for our WWII collaborative project!
I'd love one coz I don't wanna feel left out :(

I am a Media Coordinator and just read about Google wave in Time magazine. We have implemented the Impact model at our school. Google wave would be a great way to be able to collaborate with the teachers. We also are new to project based learning and Google wave would allow our students to collaborate in small groups on a project and what better way to get them hooked on working on a project than by allowing them to use this new form of communication. I look forward to hearing from you even if I don't get an invitation. I would like to know how you got yours...Thanks! My email address is: dhollowell@mail.pamlico.k12.nc.us



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