I know all of you have a Facebook account , but as educators have you ever wondered how we can better benefit from this social network in our teaching ? I have been working on a paper in this regard and I want to share with you its findings. Check out 

Reasons Why Facebook is Revolutionizing Education

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I am in school right now working on my major in special education and elementary education. I am in a class about using technology in classrooms and I think you had some valid points on why social networking can be a great tool for students. I particularly like the idea of students using it as a buddy system in case someone was absent or needs help on homework. On the other hand, I do not agree that Facebook is the best choice for students to use, particularly in the younger age groups. In class we use a site called Edmodo that is very similar to Facebook. It allows you to create private groups so that the teacher can regulate who can interact with theirs students. It also allows the student to regulate the content on the classroom's page to prevent cyber bullying or other inappropriate posts. The site is also easier because it does not change frequently like Facebook.

Thanks for sharing! I agree that social networking can really help us be more effective and more efficient teachers. But I understand why some teachers worry about using Facebook with their students (younger kids can't use it; advertisements and inappropriate content; social vs. professional networking; parent and admin safety concerns; teachers have been fired for their Facebook comments; sometimes, teachers need a place where they aren't teachers; etc.).


But why throw the baby out with the bath water? In those cases, I think Edmodo is a GREAT alternative. Here's more about why.



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I recently discovered that Facebook can also be a unique and convenient way of creating a resume. What do you think about this assumption?
Firstly Med, I don't have a Facebook account nor do I follow anyone on Facebook. So no, we all don't have Facebook accounts. Angelica I agree. Edmodo is a better choice especially for younger children. I like the idea of social learning networks especially the availability they provide after school hours.

There is a a free app called Study Hall on Facebook. Several school districts are using this

to promote peer to peer learning among students. Educators may use the website

www.studyhallapp.com and need not become facebook friends with their students.


The link to the app on Facebook is




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