In an effort to lead the change I want to see in our school, I'm starting a blog regarding tools that enhance student learning and building 21st century skills.  (Not that I'm the first to do this, but I think many of my colleagues will be more willing to start following a blog if they know the author.) 

On a simple strand, I listen to a lot of Ed Tech podcasts and occasionally come across something that I think my colleagues would enjoy.  I realize that with some leg work, can provide links to websites where these podcasts are listed.  But I doubt that most people are  going to take the time to follow links these links, download a track and load it on to their iPod.  However,
if I could aggregate the best stuff I find and push it out in a podcast
feed directly to a play list for my audience, they might actually get
around to listening to it. 

It's easy enough to re-tweet things we find on twitter, and quote or link to blogs we think are worth sharing.  But is there an equivalent tool for podcasts? 

Any ideas on how to do this ethically and easily (for me and my audience)? 

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Depends on what you want to really do here, I think.

First. Licensing the original. My stuff is all CC-BY-ND-NC ... so you can copy it all you like and give it away to your friends, but you just can't sell it or change it. A lot of podcasters follow this model, but you'll need to make sure.

Second. Creating a master feed of feeds is relatively easy using Yahoo Pipes (google it). If you're not looking to aggregate feeds, but rather thinking that you'll cherry-pick episodes from here and there, this approach won't work. For that you might set up a wordpress blog, make a short post for each episode you want to pass on and then link to the original MP3 file. You may need to fiddle with this to make sure that your wordpress feed picks up the episodes properly.

Third. Are you sure this is something they'd like? For the neophyte user this might be the bee's knees, but iPod stocking is such a personal experience, I'm not sure I'd like to subscribe to this kind of feed where I won't know what's coming down the pike next.



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